Man Holding Camera

David Swinehart, est. 1980,

Based in Kansas City, MO, USA



I have a passion for storytelling.  Since I began making corporate videos in 2014, it was always important to me that each one conveyed a unique story.  Anyone can make a commercial.  Not everyone can capture a story in a compelling way.

Today, Oak Park Studios provides a variety of media solutions to companies and organizations large and small.  We create television commercials, video-for-web/social, video-for-kiosk, event media, and radio commercials.  We also offer small-scale A/V support for meetings and presentations, either in-person or for streaming web events.

Call or email to see how we can help take your upcoming campaign to the next level.

We believe in simple, easy-to-understand pricing to help keep your project costs within budget. Half- and full-day filming rates include all the necessary equipment, such as cameras, audio, lighting, and backdrops.  We also work with local vendors to supply any extras, such as hair & makeup or custom equipment that your project demands.

Half day filming rates start at $750. Full days at $1250. Editing costs depend a bit on your project complexity.  Drop us a line to discuss your project, and we'll be happy to give you a quote.


Gear varies based on project requirements.  We generally use Fujifilm™ cameras and lenses, LitePanels® LED lighting, Sennheiser AVX™ system microphones, and DJI drones and stabilizers.  We edit in Adobe Premiere Pro.